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Hey Troops!

The recent 5 Mile race in the Phoenix Park proved to be a bit success for I received great feedback from those running in the race. All the pictures, over 1,400, were volunteered by people on the sidelines. What must be remembered is that is not in any way tied in with the race series, or any race for that matter, and is not the official race photographers for the race. With the site getting so popular and another big race around the corner, the 10 mile in the Phoenix Park (Aug 15), I'm hoping as many people as possible will share their photos from the race.

One of the main contributors to the site since its launch, David Bradshaw, who provided a huge amount of pictures for the 5 mile race, will be shedding the camera and sticking on the runners for the 10 miler. Likewise, I fancy a bit of a jaunt around the park that day and will also be leaving my camera at home. Therefore more than ever the site needs people to volunteer photos for that race. If you're taking part in the race or not you could be able to help those in the race find photos of themselves afterwards.

Anyone not taking part can help by getting out to the Phoenix Park on Saturday morning, the 15th August, and cheering on the 6,000 (SIX THOUSAND!?!) taking part, and taking a few photos while you're at it. You don't have to be a professional photographer to share your pictures - in the same way that races accept entrants of all abilities, accepts photos of all quality. This can be proved by the first ever picture I took for the site at the Aware 10k in December 2008.

It doesn't matter if you can only upload one or two pictures from the race, they'll still be appreciated by the person who spots themselves in them.

For those of you taking part in the race you obviously can't be expected to take photos... Instead, your job will be to rope your loyal spectating family and friends into taking photos for you. If you have someone at the sidelines cheering you on, then hand them a camera and try and convince them to take a few shots while they're waiting for you to pass. As I said if they take one or many photos I'd love to have them displayed on the site.

What I mentioned above stands for all races around Ireland. There's photos on from 70 races around the country so far in 2009. There are many more races on the calendar that there are no photos on here from. If anyone spots me running by them in the Frank Duffy 10 try your best and get a photo of me! If you ever spot me taking photos at a race give me a wave... that's if you're not too exhausted of course (I won't always position myself at the toughest part of the course like at the 5 mile in the park!).

Keep on racing,

Please remember that the copyright of the photos belong to the photographer and under no circumstances can the photos be reproduced for commercial purposes without the photographer's permission.

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