Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dublin 2009 - A Big Thank You!

Five thousand eight hundred and ten. That's the total number of photos that are currently displaying on five days after the marathon. I'm totally stunned by the number of pictures that people have uploaded. These range from people who were out cheering their loved ones, and decided to grab a few photos of the atmosphere around them, to amatuer sports photographers. Without all of them the buzz on the site over the past few days would never have happened. So a huge thank you from this guy.

I hope those of you that took part have been feeling the benefits of a few days rest and the legs are now getting back to normal. The comments on the site and general feedback has been amazing - it's days like the last few that is the reason why I set up the site and I'm delighted that everyone is enjoying it. Please keep the comments coming on the site - those who have given up their time to share their photos with everyone really do appreciate it.

Best of luck with your recovery and I look forward to seeing you all at future races.


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