Friday, October 23, 2009

RacePix is One!

Not one as is in "we're number one", but one as in 365 days old. Wahey! On October 23rd 2008, met the public for the first time. V1 of RacePix was thrown together in a 2 day scramble to be up and ready for the Dublin marathon. A good friend of mine provided me with a design template for the site once I'd got it functioning correctly and it was good to launch.

In those 365 days 27,199 photos have been shared by users at 97 races around Ireland. I really do mean around Ireland as well - there's pictures from races in every province, 16 different counties in total. Different clubs and county boards have come on board to supply pictures from their races and use RacePix to power their own website galleries.

Word of mouth has been spreading about the website, and visits have grown from a mere 396 people during the first full month (November 08) to 11,000+ last month. October looks like beating that again. Thankfully with the numbers coming looking for photos there's been people there behind the lens snapping away, increasing the chances of visitors finding them photos. Some of the main contributors to the site over the year include David Bradshaw, Lindie Naughton, Robin Phillips, Peter Mooney and Daniel Kowalczyk (who also gave me a Polish lesson!). Thanks to them and all the others who've helped the site grow to what it is during it's debut year.

While I'm at my Oscar type speech I 'll add in a few more thank yous to people who've helped during the year. Cliona Foley of the Indo for giving the site a plug back when it was first starting to grow, Clare McCoy of Northern Ireland Athletics for featuring all their photos on the site, Sportsworld Terenure for being the first club to use RacePix to power their gallery and... oh, uhm... there's bound to be other people, so I'll just finish with - "Thanks"

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