Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I like this...

It seems that where ever you look these days the name of Facebook pops up. RacePix has been no stranger to it and has always tried to embrace it, adding a RacePix fanpage to Facebook and links to share galleries and photos with your friends amongst other things. Now RacePix has gone that extra step again.

Firstly I’ve added in the Facebook “Like Button” to every gallery on What this means is that by simply selecting the “like button” you can post to your Facebook profile in one click. The names and photos of your friends who’ve liked the gallery will appear on so you can see who is liking what. Never fear though, if you’re not friend’s with someone on Facebook then your name or photo will not appear to them.

Darren Likes RacePix!

How it appears on your profile on facebook

Further to this I’ve added a Recent Activity widget that lets you see what your friend’s have been sharing, recommending and liking from RacePix on Facebook. It also lets you see what photos, galleries, pages, etc are being shared by the RacePix community at large…

Recent Activity on

RacePix founder in likes Shocker!

There we have it – I like it! I hope it works well for everyone. Any suggestions for future developments then as always let me know.

Get Liking!

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