Monday, May 31, 2010

RacePix in Action #3

Yet again I’ve been caught at a race. This time I’m stumbling through a plastic bag (or water proofing gadget) to find the view finder hole just moments before the lead runners come around the final bend at the Donore Harriers Summer 5km.

RacePix in Action - "How does this thing work?"

Quite bizarrely I got given this bag by Daniel during the Longford Marathon last summer and since then I’ve only used it on one other occasion, last weeks Docklands Fun Run. Somehow during the 40 or so events I’ve personally turned up at between August 2009 and May 2010 I’ve only had to use ‘the bag’ during the summer months! All these photos have been taken in Ireland, that’s Ireland where it seems to rain a lot….

Not only was I caught getting ready to take photos at the race I was also caught by David Heffernan while taking my snaps at the race.

RacePix in Action - Live on the ground photos...

A quick scan through my photos from the race and we can see the exact shot I was taking as the David took that one with me in it…

The snap I snapped while being snapped

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