Monday, May 24, 2010

Racer's Reactions #1

I feel a round of back patting is in order…. From time to time my spirits in the office are raised by some of the lovely emails that arrive in from users of the site. Below are just a sample of few of the recent ones. Thanks you guys…

“Fair play to ye for getting out in the rain and taking photos at the fun run on Tuesday. The website looks great too, It was my friends first run and she is delighted that there is a photo of her on the site.

Best of luck with the website“

Lee - Docklands Fun Run

“Fair play to you Darren, where would we all be without you ?? With no photo albums for a start anyways, a big thank you ”

“Keep up the good work with the website, it’s been a marvellous addition to the Irish Road-Racing Scene as a race diary and recorder and deserves every support and success.”
Cliona Foley
Irish Independent

“Thanks for the photo I had a brill race really enjoyed it.”
Barb Heffernan – Calcutta Run

“You got me!!! Thanks guys. I had a good time that day!!!“
Daniel - Sportsworld 5 Mile Classic

“Thanks for the photo – I look like I’m falling asleep in it!”
Dermot - Kildare Half Marathon

“Great site this is. I hope my number gets spotted ”
David - Great Ireland Run

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