Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Keep Going Sure It's Grand" Competition

"Keep Going Sure It's Grand" are kindly offering TWO free prints to two lucky RacePix.com Users
Competition Closed

After mentioning on our facebook page that "Keep going, sure it's grand" is a great slogan for an Irish Marathon, Fergus O'Neill got in touch kind offering two of his prints to run in a competition on RacePix.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply let us know the best or worst words of encouragement you've ever had shouted at you from the sidelines during a race.

Competition Closed

Congratulations to our two winners:

Sarah Clifford who got shouted at that there was only 200m to go in a recent cross country race when there was in fact one lap and 200m still to go... Nice!

And Padraig McLaughlin who got a shout of "Welcome to Hell" as he went up the famed hill in the Connemarathon.

Honourable mentions to Fergus O'Neill who tried to win his own poster back with a football tale about having shit up his back... Ronan Hickey who got a rousing applause from an elderly couple after pissing in their garden during the Dublin marathon, Suzanne Deane who after hearing a shout of "You look strong" at mile 22 overheard another person saying "She looks wrecked"! And Marie Kelly who when running through Harlem during the New York marathon slowed to a walk only to be told by a policeman that no walks through Harlem, they run like hell!

"Keep Going Sure It's Grand"
Irish Graphic Designer plans to sell 42 billion posters in a bid to halve Ireland’s banking crisis debt

With the country’s debt mounting by the minute, a Dublin based graphic designer has come up with a solution to the current banking crisis.

Last June, a very disillusioned Fergus O’Neill lifted pen to paper and created a series of posters which bore the slogan ‘Keep Going Sure It’s Grand’ – a message that seemed to reflect the hopeless attitude of our current government.

In the months that followed, the realisation that we were in a lot more trouble than we could ever imagine started to unfold and the posters began to take on a whole new meaning. The initial phrase ‘Keep Going Sure It’s Grand’, which reflects a typically Irish attitude, has now taken on a motivational aspect with which to move forward amidst the deepening crisis.

Taking its cue from the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ posters produced by the British government during World War II, O’Neill’s quintessentially Irish version is quietly finding its way into homes, offices and businesses across the world as people do their best to get on with things and keep going.

What O’Neill is now proposing is that he will give one euro to the state for every poster sold, the ultimate goal being to sell 42 billion posters worldwide, thus halving the debt incurred by the banking crisis. A weekly count of monies earmarked for the state will be tracked on the Keep Going facebook page.

He hopes that a positive message to Irish people home and abroad can be communicated and commented: “the bid to sell 42 billion of these posters may seem absurd but it can be deemed no more absurd than the outrageous practices and policies that landed us here. There is little we can do except be ourselves and get on with it.”

The original hand-crafted screen prints on 300gsm Natural cotton paper are currently available online from http://grandgrand.bigcartel.com for a recession busting €20, while a pre-framed print is retailing for €70.

Patrons are being urged to display their posters with pride and above all to Keep Going…Sure It’s Grand.

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