Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some mothers do have them...

...Photo Skills!

As I was down to race the annual Dunboyne 4 Mile Road Race I decided to get my mother to take a few snaps of the race and who knows, maybe some of them would be of use! I put the camera on a default setting, tentatively I handed over my camera, showed my mother where to look, what to press and headed off on my warmup.

At the end of the race I met my mother at the refreshments (by the way, wow! The spread laid out by Dunboyne AC was emense) and was stunned to find out that she'd managed to fill the whole memory card... A thousand plus photos of a four mile race! In the middle of them all was this gem, definitely a natural photographer!

After posting the picture on Facebook there was a bit of joking in the comments asking whether my mother was a better runner than me as well. Then I got an email... An email I thought at first was a piss take. An email from a newspaper wondering if it'd be possible to use my mothers photo in their sports section! I called the number in the email and spoke to the sports editor... It really wasn't a piss take. Unbelieveable! My mother's 15 minutes of photography at the Dunboyne 4 Mile Road Race saw her beat me in the race to be a published photographer...

Next stop, Sportsfile!

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