Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I see your face in the cloud has finally relauchened. I say finally as month's of work has been going on behind the scenes to bring you this new feature rich version of Ireland's ever growing sports photography portal.

The big news is that we've moved! Not to a new office or anything fancy like that but to the magical, mystical Cloud. Cloud computing is the latest buzz word doing the rounds. Where ever I look there seems to be something about the cloud; politicians are talking about the infamous Cloud, companies are setting up Cloud research centres in Dublin, the Cork Institute of Technology are boasting about offering the World's first Diploma in Cloud Computing, while everyone else is falling over themselves trying to find out what and where it actually is. Well has won this race and can proudly proclaim to be the World's First 100% Fully Cloud Supported Race Photography Website!

So besides now being located somewhere in the stratosphere what's new in

  • Improved Tagging Functionality
    Assigning bib numbers to photos can sometimes take a ling time. This is why it's now possible for everyone to add a bib number to a photo on RacePix, taking some of the chores away from the photographers who've shared the photos.
    As well as that, RacePix now automatically detects what photos have bib numbers assigned to them and links are provided so that a user can browse through the photos without bib numbers.
    If no photos have bib numbers then there will be no option to search by bib number. This will hopefully make things easier for you "to find your race face" when thousands of photos are uploaded.
  • Club Tags
    Select club tags can now be entered on photos. This way your club members can see all the photos that have been tagged with their club names. The list of club names is growing. If you want your club added to the list of allowed tags then drop us a line.
  • RacePixPro
    Of all developments that have been added this is the most important to most users of Photographers can now upload their photos direct to which can be purchased for digital download in a variety of sizes. As we get all manner of photographers on here - from hobby photographers taking photos on their mobiles to professionals using thousands of euro worth of equipment we thought it best to allow the photographers themselves decided how much to charge for their photos. Over the initial few months we'll be limiting the numbers of RacePixPro accounts so if you'd like to be one of the first photographers to use the service contact us and we'll set you up free of charge. As I said, spots are limited so you better be quick! If you'd like more details on RacePixPro head this way...
  • Statistics
    Something that I've enjoyed playing with during development is the statistics. Seeing what races and photos are hot and what are not. Beside each photo and race you can now see how many times it's been viewed on the given day, month and all time.
  • Top Photos
    Taking the statistics to the next level is the Top Photo section. Scroll through the most popular photo today and every day, going back to the end of April 2011. Likewise, you can see the top photo of the month, again from this month back to April 2011.
  • Add Race to Race Calendar
    For all you race directors out there come this way. You can now add your race to theRacePix calendar which will appear immediately on the website. The calendar can be searched by month and by county.
  • Unique Link to Photographers Galleries
    All photographers can set up their own unique url that will direct users to a list of all the races that they took photos at.
    Mine, for example, can be found at Once these URLs have been set up they cannot be changed so make sure to pick one that you like.
  • Improved Gallery Searching
    As there's now over 350 race galleries on RacePix it was obvious that an easy search function was needed. This has been taken care of by adding a search which allows you to find your race gallery by month and county.

There you have it, the new features of RacePix in a nutshell. Please, spend some time browsing around, taking in what's new and improved, and iIf you have any feedback on the site I'd love to hear it.

Yours in sport,

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