Sunday, September 11, 2011

Racer's Reactions #2

“Your website is a super asset for the running community, as you can't beat seeing action photos from any competition."
Colin Pollock - Kilkenny Half Marathon and 10km Race Organiser

"Your service works like a dream. We have a lot of pix up there now with more to come."
Peter Lyons - Kilmore AC PRO and Organiser of the Kilmore 10km

"Thanks so much again for your great photography! It has been a great bonus and so helpful...I am so grateful we had your photographs and your great website... I do look forward to being in touch apropos of next year's race."
Edwina Hogan- Race Organiser of the Liberties Fun Run

"Excellent shots, the lads will be delighted.... A fantastic resource for the sport. Well done and best wishes for the future... Thanks "
C. Johnson- Chairman Tallaght AC

"The Liberties Fun Run was my first proper run. I couldn't believe it when I found a couple pix on your site! So chuffed! A great site for a great sport!"

"Thanks for setting the site up. Hopefully more people make use of it, and I'll try and head along with my camera to any races that I'm not taking part in myself"

“Congrats on the site - it's a great idea that seems to be going from strength to strength”

“Keep up the great work, it is truely a brilliant site and I'm sure you are getting plenty of hit's, I know I and my fellow runners in BHAA are always browsing it with interest.”

“Thank you for coming and for your great pictures! I noticed the updates to the website and it is all so interesting. Such a wonderful idea and I hope you make your fortune with it!”

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