Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Red Carpet Time

In all the excitement of last week some fairly big news slipped under the raydar. What do you mean what excitement?! Honestly....

On Tuesday last I got notified that RacePix.com was nominated in not one, but two categories in the annual Golden Spider Irish Internet Awards.

Firstly we're in the Best New Indigenous Website category along with seven other Irish websites that launched in the past 12 months. Then there's a nomination in our niche category - Best Sports & Leisure Website. The RacePix.com really has caught the imagination in the past year and I'm really proud of both of these nominations. It's great that the hard work of all those that have been adding pictures and helping RacePix.com grow to one of the (if not the) largest Athletics sites in Ireland has been recognised.

Now all that is needed is to dust down the tux and have a look over that Oscar speech I was writing a few weeks back...

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