Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Photographer Portal

Facebook, Google, Flickr and Zenfolio all welcome.

April 2013 is a massive month for RacePix.com. Finally, Phase 1 of the new Photographer Portal is now live.  This signals the start of an easier way for photographers to contribute their photos to RacePix.com and from more sources than before. Photos sourced on Facebook, Flickr, Zenfolio and Picasa can now all be shared on RacePix.com

Up until now photographer’s had to tag photos a specific way on their own website to get them to appear on RacePix.com. While this worked well for many years it had drawbacks. The first being that the number of sources was restricted to those that allowed photographers to tag their photos in a way that the RacePix.com searches could find them. Typos and privacy settings on third party website that users weren’t aware of also meant that photos that the photographers wanted to appear on RacePix.com couldn’t.

Enter the Photographer Portal and simplicity to make things easier…

Now all a photographer has to do to get their photos to appear on RacePix.com is register with RacePix.com and synchronise their photos with RacePix.com. Already Registered? Then login to the portal.

Other features available for photographers include statistics such as Top Photo, Total Views, View this week and when their last photo was added. More instructions on how a photographer can add their photos from each of the available sources are available in the "How it Works" section of RacePix.com.

Tagging is about to become a thing of the past

While tagging won't be cut off just yet, we're envisaging it being largely removed by the end of June 2013.

Keep your eyes on the site over coming weeks and months for new features, big and small.

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