Friday, May 24, 2013

Introducing a Neater

Over the past few days has released a number of changes to the look and feel of the website. It may appear that not much has changed  when you first look at the home page, it has only changed from
But looking further in a lot has gone on. The developments include new buttons and fonts, better picture presentation, improved layouts with more spacing and a mobile-friendly responsive design.

Being kind, functioned if you really, really wanted to find them elusive marathon photos on your mobile phone. I can only imagine in the days after the race, people sitting at work, legs aching, scrolling through thousands upon thousands of photos and cursing me for never having considered this situation. Well, now I have and I give you the mobile friendly!

The new layout isn't only mobile friendly but tablet friendly too. No matter what device you decide to use when looking for race photos should now have you covered.

Clutter Clear Out

Another welcome addition to is extra space. On the previous layout there was a lot of wasted real estate. Now on every page there is more room to see what’s really important on a given page. The benefits of this can really be seen on the Race Calendar and if you’re looking for information on future races.


It isn’t so long since the Photographer Portal was introduced to existing contributors. This section affects how photos from third party services are pushed to the Up until now most photos were tagged with unique code and searched to find these photos around the web. This led to issues as sometimes a typo in a tag meant that the photo couldn't be found by searches. Now a photographer can simply login to and link their photos from Facebook, Flickr, Zenfolio, Google Picasa (and more to come) to Galleries on
New features are in the pipe line to be introduced to this portal to give photographers more insight and control over their photos on


As is targeted at photographers and race participants I value the feedback and ideas to the services offered from both. Please feel free to drop me a mail about any issues you have using I've also opened up a forum where users can suggest new ideas or improvements to and vote on ideas submitted by others. I'll continuously monitor this and try my best to implement the most popular. Check out the ideas of fellow users.


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