Tuesday, June 4, 2013

RacePix on the Road: Cork City Marathon Photos 2013

I don't know what it is about the bank holiday weekend but it's by far and away my favourite weekend on the calendar. Everything good happens at this time of year - In primary school the weather picked up, you could play on the grass and wear shorts to school! In Secondary school it signaled holidays. In College it meant a summer in the US was just around the corner and now it means a weekend in Cork for the Cork City Marathon.

I've taken photos in Cork for the past few years and regardless of the weather I was always stunned by the numbers of people who came out to spectate and cheer on family, friends and strangers.

This year was no different. At the start on Patricks Street there were already hundreds out cheering the thousands of marathoners going by. The race started with a familiar feel to recent Irish marathons with Gary O' Hanlon taking command and leading out the first group.

Minutes later the bulk of runners started to come through

By 17 miles the runners had thinned out and O'Hanlon and Polish athlete Bartosz Mazerski had a few minutes gap over the rest of the field. In the women's race Pauline Curly had opened up a slight lead of about 100 metres at 17 miles.

By the end of the race it was Mazerski who had more in the tank to pull away from O'Hanlon to take the win - preventing Gary from adding to his 2013 honour list of winner in the Connemarathon, Limerick Marathon, Kildare Marathon and Newry City Marathon. Pauline Curley extended her lead over the final 8 miles and was in the end a comfortable winner.

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